There’s nothing like looking at your cell phone before presenting a post-graduate seminar and getting up with airfare promotions for Namibia, South Africa, and Mozambique. The chosen one was South Africa, but not because of the lack of will and curiosity for Namibia, but because of the lack of balance in the my credit card. One day I’ll be rich!

The promotion was from Taag, an Angolan airline, so that all tickets would be scheduled in Luanda. When in contact with the consulate of São Paulo of Angola, I was informed that it is essential to take the transit visa through the country, so I went for it. Remembering that I live in the interior of São Paulo, and I had to go to the capital to take the documents and leave my fingerprints at the consulate. To get the passport with the visa was that it was a childbirth, they informed me the wrong day to pick it up, and when I got there on Monday, they did not want to return my passport because it was not the correct day (and my trip was Tuesday 4:45 pm to Cape Town). After discussing and explaining the situation to everyone I ran into at the consulate, I still went away shaking hands, “come back tomorrow at 11.30 am.” Tuesday, 8:00 am I was already planted in the consulate’s door, until the big boss decide to release my passport and swallow the “say to her to buy a ticket to another day.”

I went straight to fetch my backpack from the Tietê bus station luggage locker and headed toward Guarulhos airport, from then on everything went well. That’s until I get the connecting flight from Luanda to Cape Town, and the plane has to return to Luanda after half an hour, because there was a problem with some part of the airplane. The passengers were not changed plane, and after maintenance was done on the piece, we went to Cape, and we arrived!

In Cape Town the weather was cloudy, which is pretty common, people say that you can get the four seasons of the year in the same day in the city, and that’s true, so my paraglider and Table Mountain plans are over for another day.

About Cape Town, I’m going to start talking about accommodation, because I’ve had the opportunity to stay in four different hostels.




The location is very good, it is on the corner with Long Street , in the center, and has a supermarket just in front. Terrace with bar and covered area, the social part is good, and you can receive people who are not staying at the hostel. The dorms have lockers and, one can pick up borrowed adapter from the reception. I stayed in both mixed dormitory and female dormitory, I’ll never stay in a female dorm again in my life! What a mess !!!!! Daily R$ 48.00, with breakfast, very simple, bread, butter, jelly, coffee and milk powder.

  • The Atlantic Point


Good location, close to the waterfront, nicer area for sightseeing, and eating. There is also a supermarket two blocks away. The breakfast is included and very good, with fruit, muffins, coffee and milk. The social area promises, but the pool is always dirty and on the terrace the movement is not much, besides it closes very early. Daily R$ 84,00 in a women’s dormitory.

  • Longstreet Backpackers

Very busy, clean, but without breakfast. It’s located in a good place, in the middle of Long Street in the downtown, where all the parties are (they work every day of the week). Although the hostel has a password to enter and exit, and key to each room, the day I was there, I woke up with two Frenchmen and two policemen searching a room, the French had been robbed. Daily in mixed dormitory R$ 53,00.

  • The Backpack

It is in the central area also, with restaurants close by, it is a bit more expensive than the other hostels but it is very well rated. It is very clean, has breakfast and the social area is very good. Single room with shared bathroom, R $ 218,00 and in dormitory with 8 beds, R $ 93,00.


Other information

Left-luggage compartment of Tietê Bus Station, average volume: R $ 11,00

Tietê Bus Station to Guarulhos airport, just to go: Airport Bus Service (, R$ 45,00

Hostel Paulista, one night in a female dormitory, R$ 53,00

Guaruhos to Cape Town, round trip: Taag, R$ 1,300.00





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