For those who loves radical sports, adrenaline, rails, and outdoor activities, South Africa is great choice. I’ll start talking about Cape Town and some activities that are possible to do without going out of the big city.

  • Table Mountain


Table Mountain has several trails to climb, or if you choose to climb by cable car, you can go down by the trail. According to the folks I talked to who came up on foot, it took between 3 and 5 hours, I did not stare.

I went up and down by the cable car, the weather was beautiful, a big bright sun, but not less wind, it is good to take a coat in Cape Town as it gets dark the wind and the cold increase.

It is possible to buy the ticket online so you won’t expect so much in line, the bad part is that if the weather is closed and with a lot of fog, you’ll need to rebook.

The view from up there is wonderful, you can make a trail up there too and see the city from various angles. The last cable car goes down at 8PM in summer, but it’s worth waiting to see the sunset from above.

For those who have not bought the cell phone chip from South Africa, there is a little house with wi-fi upstairs, as well as a restaurant and coffee for when you get hungry, I recommend the coffee with amarula !!! So tasty!!!

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  • Lion’s Head


The recommendation was: girl, buy some water! I bought one of 500ml, I should have bought 3! The regular is to take 2 hours to get to Lion’s top, I took much longer, physical training here is zero.

At the end of the afternoon the trail is very busy, people will come with wine in the backpack to enjoy the top of the mountain. The scenery is wonderful, well…it worth the effort of the trail, you go around the mountain, see the entire coast of Cape Town, the sunset from there is beautiful! I did not stay up there until sunset simply because I was alone, without a lantern, and in the last tens of meters of the climb you’ll climb stone behind stone, I saw the sunset as it descended.

One tip is to go with these trail boots or at least sneakers because the trail has many unprotected spaces, especially in the part with stones, any slip might not end well.


  • Signal Hill


Well, my experience with Signal Hill was different, I jumped from paraglider there! When I was in Turkey with a friend, we went to Oludeniz to be able to jump off paragliding, but my credit card did not pass and I was sucking finger. In Cap Town, I’ve booked from The Backpacker hostel, and the company was Tandem Paragliding. Well experienced staff and a lot of good people!

I ended up getting lucky, before I got my chance, two people did it first (the second one even felt before jumping and he had to wait to try again), and after me, the wind changed direction, then the gentleman who had fallen and the last person couldn’t jump, they had to reschedule for another day.

Signal Hill is also a very good peak to see the sunset !! You can walk or get up there in a car.

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