To begin to tell you about Cabo Polônio, first you need to imagine a bucolic place in the middle of nowhere, by the beach, without electrical energy, with sand dunes all over the place, and by surprise, some marijuana plantations around.

My parents first tough was: did you became a hippie? Well, not yet, but my soul has always been…

To get there you first need to take a bus from wherever you are, I was in Montevideo, and the bus after some hours will let you in a base place, where you buy the ticket to get the truck to arrive in the village of Cabo Polônio.

It’s also possible to go walking till there, but if you are carring a 10kg backpack and take a look around the sand dunes, you won’t think twice and will go directly for the truck, specially cause is not so expensive, it’s 170 uruguayan pesos. Save your ticket cause you’ll need it to go and return.

There are some persons that go without booking any hostel, and easily find out somewhere to stay, but in high season I recommend you to book before, since is just a village and there aren’t so many places of accommodation.


I’ve stayed in Viejo Lobo hostel, by the time you get down the truck, you are able to find out where the hostel is, there are hot water and WiFi work’s from 9 to 10pm, it’s enough! Very colorful, charming, roots, to say the minimum, and also very cozy, the hostel doesn’t offer breakfast, but there is a little market around where you’ll be able to buy some basic stuff, and of course some cheap wine and some pasta for dinner.


People that usually go to those kind of places are mostly very easy going, so the all atmosphere is amazing, together with the beach and the colorful wood houses, you can rest for a while. When you are going to sleep, and that will be early since there is no much to do, you will easily find out some music in the air that probably is happening around a camp fire.

Sunbathe is my big tip, since the sea is freezing, at least for a brazilian. If you get tired from Cabo Polônio and want’s to take a walk by the beach, you can go till Valizas, equally cool. I was there in november, almost summer in south america, but even like this, I need to use a warm coach, by night it winds a lot and gets cold, remember about the cheap wine!




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