It was a friend that inspired me to write about it, yesterday we had a big sale here in Brazil of tickets to Thailand.

As always, we discussed about the shining idea of buying it, her in one side with “I wish I could go but I’m so afraid of going alone” and me on the other, “I wish I had some money for the ticket cause I’m already searching about the ticket taxes prices for July”.

I never truly understood how much afraid she is, and I think is because I never saw a problem about it, or about traveling solo, I know that might be the language barrier (even that she knows english), or the scare of getting lost somewhere you know nothing about it, or even of being sick in the same strange place.

As I already lived alone while I was in college, and all of this happened, at least some memorable times, I see that will always appear a solution, it always had!

So here is a list of things I learned traveling solo, you will recognize it some of those experiences if you already did, and I hope that if you didn’t, you try it once in your life.

1.It’s hard to be alone

Even if you want it to happen, it will be hard. People are everywhere, and they will talk to you, ask about your plans, and invite you to some really good rides. Just don’t accept it if you do have something much better to do or feel strange about that person, follow your sixth sense! Even in the most awkward situations, I never had a problem. It’s easy to start a chat specially if you are in a hostel or waiting in a line, do it, make some new friendships, try to see different opinions about that place! You won’t regret!

2.Get to know yourself

You know when you are in a kind of strange situation and you never imagined before how you would react in that situation, you may find out traveling alone. For example, if you are a very shy person and you get lost on the street, you find a way to ask some information to someone walking around, you’ll be forced to react to that. It feels good when you can pass trough this kind of challenge, it’s empowering, it truly is!

Besides, the time you may have to think about your life, when we see something different of what we see in our routine, we can compare and see if we are in the correct path, and if is not, that is the time to rearrange it.

3.Know what you like

Now I know, I like visiting museums, guided visit trough famous architecture constructions, to eat in strange places, specially if it is middle east’s food (bring me memories), I like to do research just until certain point, so it won’t ruin the surprise, and I really like to walk, to cross the town from side to side, walk as much as possible, to forget about Uber, or subway. And now I know also that is not everybody that appreciates the same stuff. If you are not alone, choices will be made.

4. Take pictures of yourself

I love taking pictures, and my worst discovery is when I’m taking a look in the pictures and I find out that there is only landscapes or friends, or even random stuff. Now I learned, always to remember to ask someone to take pictures of me, they will be a great memory of where I was and what I was feeling in the time.

5. Travel light

You baggage will depend of your hands and back. Travel light! This I only learned after caring for one month a 20kg backpack. It was the fist and last time!

DSC03554.JPGLast solo trip, to South Africa.





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