Well, now if you aim for some relax time or maybe some ecotourism, Minas Gerais is that place, with a lot of choices to make, this time I decided for Serra da Canastra, close to Delfinópolis city.

I’m traveling with my family so is not “parting hard” vacations, but there are a lot of options by nature, a lot of waterfalls complexes to choose between farm hostels and typical food from the state of Minas Gerais to spoil yourself.


I’m hosted in Pousada Ana Maria. They serve dinner for R$30,00 and you need to book it early as possible for the current day. The food is amazing, typical from Minas Gerais, it reminds me of my grandma’s food (she was from this same state), I highly recommend it!

The breakfast served is good as dinner, delicious and with a lot of options, and more important, it’s included in host price, try the creamy cappuccino and the fubá’s cake!

For a ride, what is more abundant in the region are waterfalls, I love it, if you didn’t woke up with coffee, you will with the cold water, besides the fact that usually the most distant are the most beautiful ones.

First I visited the Claro’s Complex, they have 5 waterfalls and it coast R$15,00 per person to get access at. This place doesn’t have many things selling to eat or drink, go prepared. To get into the Paraíso’s complex is r$25,00 per person, the most expensive in the region, and you’ll have 8 waterfalls to visit in 3,8k kilometers of trails, To the last 4 ones, you’ll need to climb a little, but the view worth the effort, there is an amazing view from the top of the mountain, breathtaking. I like specially when the shadow of the clouds are in the mountains, it makes the mountain range get different colors of green.

Luquinha’s waterfall is so beautiful, you can reach e parts of it getting different trails, and i the lower one, there is a natural pool very inviting. But the one I loved the most is Lontra’s waterfall, it seems like a jacuzzi, the landscape is amazing, and as long as you walk following the river, you’ll find other naturl pools and a solarium, go for it! Besides the special guide, Tigresa, a cute dog that actually waits go with you and trough the journey till the time to come back.

There are some more distant ones that you’re not able to reach if you are with a low car, the trail are only for 4×4 cars, as Casca D’anta’s waterfall, or Ouro’s waterfall, so you better ask for information about the actual state of the road or get a local map.

The best to do – of course if the summer rain doesn’t arrive before you do – is to get out of the car and go directly to the pool and spend the rest sunny hours, and by sunset time, go down till the river and seat to watch it while you are drinking a cold beer.


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