Since my aim to make a big travel or an internship came to my mind, between my fifteen and sixteen years old, my main worry is: how to afford it?

From then to now many many years passed by, but I only understood how this could work till I was graduated in university, I was looking for a job in my area and couldn’t even get an interview opportunity. So my idea was, come back to an old internship, winning nothing but knowledge. In the second day I got an offer to do some projects and win some money with that. That was when I got my first “real” job in the architecture and urban design area, it was a free lance thing, but with this I got some amount that showed me the light in the end of the tunnel.

One week after, the second job appeared, another free lance stuff, but I kept that for five years, that helped me to afford most of what I traveled till today.

Between those, I participated of other free lance opportunities, teaching computer programs, teaching languages, internships outside my graduation area, etc. Even with all that, I never wan a big amount per month, I had, and hope I still have, some discipline to make economies.

Is a question of choice, a Mac notebook or a simple one that attends my day-by-day needs? The car of the year or a old one shared with your sister? Eating in a restaurant everyday or preparing your own lunch? Going to the manicure every week or try to take care a little bit of yourself by yourself?

There are people who prefer to be in a line and buy that last cellphone launch and others who wait all the year till November cause it’s when the great plane tickets sales appear. It’s a matter of choice.

There are some other options that I need to study more, like applying some money, but since I don’t know how to do it yet, for me it’s not the best thing.

Sometimes the idea of getting some patrimony for myself comes to my mind, I cant deny. When that time arrives and truly lands over my head, my plan is the same, work hard for it, if it’s a dream, go for it, but for now, I’ll continue choosing the wild side.



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