My safari adventure begins in another city, when the staff of the hostel I was, booked the safari for me, he just wrote in the paper the guide’s name and phone number and said: wait in the arrival area of the Port Elizbeth’s airport. And there I was on the next day, anxiously waiting for some sign of the guide. By the time I lost my patience, I went till the tourism office and a very nice lady called him for me, luckily he was on the way.

I chose the Addo Elephant Park since I didn’t had enough time (I preferred to stay some more days in Cape Town) and not enough money (radical activities are expensive, specially if you can’t just choose one or two), and may I say, I didn’t regret of this choose.  My first impression was, where is the dark green 4×4 car? He had a regular low car and I just kept thinking that somehow I got deceived by Hollywood movies.

So, the guide picked up me and a couple, must say, not much talkative or even friendly, and we took our way till the park.

I have to explain the cover photo, is my coco, 35 degrees and the guide offered me a coco and some cookies, I’m those kind of persons that are always hungry, can’t reject those kind of thing. That day the weather was beautiful, but fucking hot, it got till 42ºC by the afternoon.


It was pretty cool when the first animals started to appear, of course it was the elephants, and I love then, such a big animals with tender eyes, and then the zebras, I wasn’t expecting they were so funny till I saw 3 of then loudly complaining about an elephant drinking their water.

And finally there it was: the Pumba, about that time all I could imagine was the Lion king movie and if I would be able to see some hyena. In the end I didn’t, neither I had a good vision of a lion, that’s my excuse to come back to Africa and do another safari.


We all had lunch in the park restaurant, it was pretty good and by the way, a little expensive too.After that we went to try to find some lions and we did, but they were sleeping so comfortably that the wish of getting out of the shadows were nonexistent.

The cutest part of it all was a big group of elephants having a refreshing time in a pool, it was amazing to see that scene, is that kind of stuff that you think: I wish my family could see that!

In the end of the ride of the Graden Route, the guide took me to the Port Elizabeth bus station, and I came back to Cape Town, that afternoon I saw the most amazing sunset, that kind you imagine in Lion King’s movie.




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