1. Omg, why buying a metro ticket is so confuse? (while in Porto, Portugal).

  2. They can kiss and be a happy couple in front of me, but eating a chocolate? Life isn’t fair. (Wadi Run desert, Jordan).

  3. Seriously, is this the 4×4 that will take us into the desert? (Wadi Run desert, Jordan).

  4. Why people sound so cool when they tell you about the desert camping? Is just so f… cold in here (Sahara, Tunisia).

  5. Is this guy following me? Now I’ll follow him! (Marrakesh, Marroco). It actually worked, he got scared!!

  6. Why people are calling me Shakira? I wish I was like her. (Cairo, Egypt).

  7. Is someone noticing how dirty my clothes are? (Luxor, Egypt).

  8. The person who invented Francesinha wasn’t in good mental healthy. (Sintra, Portugal).

  9. I wish portuguese didn’t had brought the portuguese tile to put in brazilian sidewalks. (Lisboa, Portugal).

  10. This looks like a faIrytaille. (Sintra, Portugal).

  11. People should wear deodorant, seriously. (Tunis, Tunisia, and in a lot of other places).

  12. I will fall, and I will die here, All Star’s were not made for tracking. (Petra, Jordan).

  13. Why are those guys laughing so hard? (It was a joke of Silvio Santos, a brazilian  presenter on their cellphones, in Jerusalem, Israel).

  14. Those souvenirs are so amazing, but they will coast some more weight on my backpack, let it go. (Everywhere I go).

  15. It’s fair to change a meal for a beer, right? (Tel A Viv, Israel).

  16. Ok, this is a surprise, a f… expensive surprise, a liver sandwich. (Tel A Viv, Israel).

  17. I miss my bathroom. (Istanbul, Turkey).

  18. I though this would shake much more. (Hot air balloon ride in Capadocia, Turkey).

  19. I don’t wanna go back home, not yet. (Cape Town, South Africa).

  20. It really exists the freedom cliché about traveling by yourself, it is a cliché for a good reason. (Cape Town, South Africa).


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