Let me tell you about the most magic and incredible place on earth, at least from the one’s I got the chance to know – I’m talking about Petra, in Jordan. The first time I heard about it was in one picture from a blogger girl that was in her gap year experiencing the Wadi Run desert by Workaway or Wwoof, I don’t remember exactly. Anyway, I saw that pic and I thought, wtf, where is this? It was about an amazing ancient architecture piece craved in a bronze colored mountain, and I realized it was in Jordan. That was my acknowledgement of Jordan till there.

When I went to the Tunisia internship, some things went wrong, some things went right, and one of the rights one was a good close friend that I met, Brazilian as me, rude and hungry as me, and after our jobs were done, we went to an adventure in middle east, Jordan was in our plan, and when I realized about it, a big smile came trough.

We got there just after Egypt, and for some reasons I’ll tell in Egypt posts, we had to go by airplane till Aman, and from there to Wadi Musa (Petra’s location) we got a cab, that coasted about USD 130 by that time. You know when you are super tired and just can’t hold on anymore, we felt to sleep, one over others head, and when we woke up, the cab had stopped because of the snow on the road. Yeah, it snows in Jordan. “My dream to go to Petra had came to an end”.

But somehow, lucky is always on my side, we got in Eadi Musa safe, and in that same day we were able to go to Little Petra, cause the snow had stopped a bit, and in the next day, finally the real one, Petra from the picture inside my memory.

When you get there there is a line, you buy the ticket to get in and push the start bottom to the trail, and you walk, and appreciate, and walk a little bit more, and more, and more. You walk and observes how beautiful that all is, such a color, and the cannion is so high and monumental, till you almost get hit by a horse with a carriage and some other tourists on.

Sometimes it worth to stop for a moment and realize the differences between the colors of the rocks and the land, it’s amazing! Seriously, those rocks are magical!

When you get to the Monastery you realize that the pictures don’t lie, it is really something, and when the camels get in front of it, you think: wow!


Keep going and climb the rocks so you’ll se the monastery from the top, there is a scene I’ll never forget, some guys climbing this part of the trail, and they realized we were brazilians, and they said: “how it is possible? you girls so young, traveling by yourselves and here! It’s amazing, you even more male than we are!”

I felt really good by that time, I still do every time I remember, it’s the feeling of being brave and so out of your comfortable zone, and that feels good man…


You can go till the top of those mountains, the view is breathtaking!

And after you walk all day long, you still have the Treasure to visit. Prepare your legs! There are 850 steps! 850! Don’t think, just go!

Another amazing monument that will make you stop and think about it for a while. With the blue sky and some white clouds around, that’s a view! And if you are any lucky, you will get the chance to see one of the jordan guys climbing it with a courageous I never saw before.


What fascinated me the most was the bronze color of that place.

The hostel I stayed was Valentine Inn, the hot water last two hours by day and you needed to buy your own hygienic paper,  out of that, was really cozy, it used to sell alcohol, and it was close to some restaurants and market places.





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