A friend of mine invited me to a little trip till Serra da Canastra, my first time there was in the beginning of the year, and I loved, so why not to come back?

We were in 5 and we shared a car, to get the balsa to cross the river, is R$23 by car, and you’ll only pay in the way back. We went straight to the Maria Concebida’s waterfall, the choice of the day.

From the road we are able to see it, and it is really beautiful, and really high. I thought I wouldn’t be able to treat the trail to get there, but it was’tn so hard.

To get in the waterfall space you have to pay another R$25, and then begin the trail.

We went far from where we could, after the “no trespassing” sign, so we were climbing and climbing almost till the top. It was great! An amazing view! The water was even colder than usual, also was the wind.

I think that to get down is always harden than to go up, I always slip so much, even with the correct shoes. But still, was great.



The trail soundtrack was the Despacito song, and somehow it fits just fine, “despacito” means “slowly”, and that’s what we had to do. Passito a passito, till the top, holding in steel cables and conduits so we wouldn’t fall.

By nights when we came back to Delfinópolis city, the closest around, we had dinner, I ate a gammon hamburger, delicious! I recommend it! Delfinópolis it’s a small city but they have a great touristic structure to receive people, specially on holidays seasons. In the beginning of the years I was hosted in Ana Maria’s Inn, the bedroom was great, the breakfast, amazing, and the pool, receptive.






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