I was studying for a conversation class about positive psychology, and I picked up an article from Harvard Magazine, “The Science of Happiness”, one sentence cached my attention: “Happiness is a place to visit not a place to live” by Daniel Gilbert. That made me think about my bucket list, and the effort I always have to make to get there, giving this english class, is one part of it. Yeah, most part of the way is hard, we get tired, we think about giving up, about searching something else that can makes us happier, life is short, right? But this one sentence from Gilbert makes total sense. At least for me.

Every time I’m trough that moment of plenitude, is because I’m happy and proud of everything I was strong to handle, that’s about work issues, family problems, money that is never enough, friends being successful in their careers, or people around getting married ant starting a family, you know…issues that happen inside our heads and concrete themselves outside somehow, and makes us think.

That’s why I have a bucket list, to remember that I’ll have that plenitude moment again. I know is not a rule that it will happen just because I’m traveling, but my sixth sense makes me believe that it will.

Not in that order, but my bucket list includes more countries in Asia and Africa for now. I have some reasons to choose those places, it one is different, but I’ll explain.



Besides the fact that Zanzibar is a paradise island, there is also the Kilimanjaro. The first time I thought about going there was because of a housemate, Kathy, she is from China, and we were living together in Tunisia.  She told me about the wonderful safaris she had the opportunity to go, about the nature, and about people from there. I felt in love even before she showed me the pictures.

The second time, was a few months later, I was in a trip in Wadi Run, Jordan’s desert, (feeling very hungry) with some others persons, and one of the guys was all about the delicious chocolate in his hand and showing off remembering the time he hiked the Kilimanjaro.  My thought: I wanna go to the top of Kilimanjaro.

Third time, a friend I’ve made in the Tunisia internship, was passing by Tanzania, she took a picture holding a bike, in a colorful messy street, my heart melted again. Wait for me Tanzania!




Ok, this one I don’t think requires many explanations. It’s Greece! It’s white with blue and pink details, and the sea, oh that Mediterranean sea…This scenario don’t go out of my head it’s been many years already. There is a picture I always see around the internet, white houses, some chairs in a small hall, with the sea as a background. Please life, take me there!

Those greek islands seem so magical to me, like, so relaxing and with parties and good food, it been always my dream to spend a time there.  Beyond that, there is the fact of the history, that I value so much.




I was aiming for Iran since a gastronomy program that I saw just after coming back of a backpack trip. You know when you see a delicious and traditional meal, and you just want to give it a try? And the woman was preparing it with a such a way, it looked delicious!

After a wile, my french teacher went there to make business, and everything she told me about, made me miss the middle east culture, so I decided to at least, if I wanna go back to that region, I should meet a different country.




What about Lebanon? Why not? A tunisian friend of mine went there to take a vacation, and I felt in love for the pictures and lifestyle. That’s a very simple explanation, but it’s so real. Before that I never had thought about it, and nowadays I just can’t stop looking for big promotions of fly tickets to go there.  I guess I miss this beige color of historical ruins showing around my wish to discover them.




In Brazil, we have an expression, the “black sheep of the family”, that means the one of the family that goes against the way, that wants what nobody else wants, that do everything wrong. Well, that’s me. And the big goal for me as the black sheep, is to live for sometime in India.

I understand that is not everybody that wants that, but I do, I feel that I have the responsibility to show that what others think, is not what it is. I say that because I’m from Brazil, I’m aware of the brazilian cliches, and I still try to break those paradigms with foreigners friends. On the same way, I’ve been to the middle east and I was able to break those same paradigms inside my network. That’s a power travelers have, and a big responsibility. Is our duty to the world to decrease the differences that are seen as a bad thing, to understand the reasons of what we see and experience, and to be open to live the differences. That is what gives knowledge to pass it beyond, not what we see on television.

The concept of India stills very far from my eyes, but is something I feel I need to experience. Is one of the richest place is history of the world, and I surely want to learn something about it.

I wanted to go there since I was applying for the AIESEC internship, I didn’t go the chance to go there by that time, but soon I think I will. Let’s hope for some more time of happiness!



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