When the feeling of “I can do it” is concrete, you have the wish, you have the conditions and you have the anxiety to reach it. But you can’t decide which wish you’ll realize first.

Here is the deal, my vacation period will be from december till beginning of february, I just got it because I’ll put together the Christmas and New Years holidays with my 30 days of vacation from work. So I’ll have 6 weeks of happiness. But, where to join all this happiness?

I have two options, I wanna do another exchange, by AIESEC, or directly with an ONG (The Refugee Language Initiative).

Why AIESEC? Because I just can join till 30 years old (sad but I’m getting there), because it’s in Italy, my family roof, and because I did one year of italian class and now I wanna become fluent by this immersion. Besides they provide accommodation and I’ll meet a lot of people from other nationalities to travel with around the country. The bad part is that I’ll work for the 6 weeks, maybe with some free space in the middle to take short trips.

Why the ONG? Because it’s in Greece, because it’s an question of notional thing, working with the refugees and helping then by teaching english or french.  There is also the possibility to get to know a lot of new people and get involved with a cause that I truly believe. And by doing that, I’ll work for one month and I’ll have two free weeks.

That’s me in my mind trying to figure out what to do. Need some more inspiration to decide. Does anybody can help me?




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