This one deserves a special space here. From the first till the last day I saw it, it was my favorite spot in Tunis. There was Hamdi and love at first sight, there was Gadour (my imaginary friend), there were the cousins that I met by an accident, the was the cockfight, there was Rita’s first kiss, the guy dancing, the fight dance, there was Med, there were the Celtia and Stella beers, the colorful mosaic floor, the posters walls, the DJ that wanted my cellphone, there was Yuri (that didn’t call Yuri), there were many dances like nobody was looking at, there was some days that it was closed, there was free beer for Clarice, there was the thing of Biel and Hansan in the bathroom, there was dancing  with the securities, the midget forbidden all pictures, there was The Prodigy night, there was Houmani, we felt like Houmani, there was the girls that didn’t wear scarf at night, there was the cute black power guy, there were the gifts beers from Omar, there was a heart attack, there was the lying Cyrus, the battle dancer Cyrus, there was me and my friends ashamed, there was “whaaat??? whyyyy?” when we were telling about our next trip that was going to be in Egypt,  there was couples dancing together like in the movies, there was pepper spray in a regular night out, there was a stolen wallet from a friend, there was Hamsa and his ass face, the were the gay cousins that weren’t gay in the end, there was rain on the way back home (my second home actually), there was the see…oh the see…



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