Imagine that scene, you are in a bus, enjoying the WiFi to send a message to your father like "hey dad, I'm fine, I'm alive, see you someday". It's nights and you get into Jerusalem, your friend call your attention: "Hey Jú, look around, look by the window!" And suddenly I see a lot of … Continue reading PURIM’S PARTY, ISRAEL



If you don't know yet so I must tell you I'm architect and urban planner, that means that when I travel, often I look for to visit some of the worldwide masterpieces of architecture buildings. Once I even went to Porto in Portugal with a friend and we made a guided visit to the Music … Continue reading CALATRAVA WORLDWIDE


Well, now if you aim for some relax time or maybe some ecotourism, Minas Gerais is that place, with a lot of choices to make, this time I decided for Serra da Canastra, close to Delfinópolis city. I'm traveling with my family so is not "parting hard" vacations, but there are a lot of options by nature, a lot of waterfalls complexes to choose between … Continue reading SERRA DA CANASTRA, BRAZIL